Our Brands

Our Design Firm, Newbury Rain, is the parent company to our family of brands:


PaperRamma, 76th&Newbury, Newbury Love, socialcirclecards and The Elf Guru.

We are personal Design Gurus, who work with each of our clients to create custom artwork for their homes, nurseries, weddings and the every-day. Our family of brands celebrate and commemorate life’s most precious moments. Our innovative client-designer partnership takes personalization to the next level. We design innovative art that can be customized with colors, fonts and custom drawn art. Every order is unique and has a personality of its own. 





www.paperramma.etsy.com We started on etsy! 

Ten years ago we started on etsy as Paperramma, since then we've expanded that brand as an independent website off etsy called: 76th & Newbury.

Paperramma and 76thandNewbury are the premier online marketplaces for luxe, personalized, innovative design. Few moments in life are more fabulous than the bliss felt from becoming husband and wife, taking take that bold step into parenthood, or settling in to the warm comforts of a new home. 

Paperramma and 76thandNewbury design innovative and personalized art to celebrate each of life’s special moments. From trendy and personalized Canvas Guest books for the bride & groom’s special day, to one-of-a-kind personalized nursery decor, and interactive map prints to mark the family travels.




www.newburylove.com This brand is hosted on our 76th & Newbury site.

First comes love, then comes... great wedding design! (at least that's the Newbury Love story!) Newbury Love and its line of great products celebrate and commemorate the special moment when two become one. Newbury Love's team of dedicated Design Gurus work with each client to create custom artwork for their weddings. 




socialcirclecards are business cards for the 21st century. We coined the term "social networking cards" because that is exactly what they are; cards made especially for social networking. socialcirclecards contain all of your networking info like your name, cell, email, and even your facebook info. Their fun shape makes them more inviting than the traditional "business card" and make them easier to hand out casually. Although the cards are great, the case is even more fun. It's practical and stylish and keeps your cards at your side. It has a convenient clip which clips to your purse, stroller, diaper bag and just about anywhere else. 




www.elfguru.com  This brand is hosted on our 76th & Newbury site.

A few years ago, a tiny little Elf made his appearance in homes across the country. Ever since, holidays have been filled with funny Elf Antics, exciting holiday adventures, and activities only an Elf could think up. The Elf Guru team loves the excitement that the Elf brings, and how he really helps get families into the holiday spirit.

Meet our Elf Toodles: "Toodles" doesn't just sit on the shelf, he has adventures of all sorts- he's a bit of an Elf Guru. Toodles worked closely with our designers to come up with The Elf Guru Guides, Kits and Separates -  a digital collection filled with funny Elf antics, exciting holiday adventures, and activities only an Elf could think up. These Guides, Kits and Separates are designed to take some of the work out of planning for the "Holiday Elf" and contain everything needed to make the "Holiday Elf Season" fun and exciting for little ones everywhere.




Kudo Banz Logo


Amanda is an entrepreneur that wears a lot of hats! Learn more about Amanda's other adventure: Kudo Banz a separate company from Newbury Rain, it was founded in 2017.

Kudo Banz works like a sticker chart, but it goes on your child’s wrist reminding little ones of their goals. Kids earn Kudo for good listening, keeping kids motivated to continue building good habits.